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January 22, 2019

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Hey this is one page of some people i love dearly that live in the USofA. I dont getta see these people that often but that doesnt mean that i dont love them JUST as much as my friends in Bermuda! I never getta spend much time with you guys...but i ALWAYS love to see you while your here or im in the states...especially BOSTON!
Hey Shawn and Matthew! It was really cool being able to spend the week with you when you came to bermy! I'm speakin for Melissa too when i say you two are really sweet guys! I cant wait until you guys come for another cruise! Party on!
Hello THE Mike! Your one of my fav people to visit when i'm at the heart of Boston! Boston isnt the same without you! Maybe i'll be able to see you soon when another trip to Boston arises of you come down on Zephyr II. Keep in touch!
Hi Trev Babie! I just wanna let you know I miss you! This summer i promise i wont get too out of hand and i'll chill with you longer! Cupmatch parties will continue though dont worry!
Hey Katie & Daisy! I love you two Southern girls soo much! I miss you two more and more every day! I need pictures PLEASE! I'm trying to arrange a way to see you both this summer after i go see Melanie! I'll be seeing you I'm sure though! Until then: TaTaForNow!